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ZŠ Obrnice

Elementary school for 460 pupils with kitchen and dining companions.

Mírová 167, Obrnice

Cheap - Rent - Autopůjčovna

Car rental company, primarily focused on service. We offer a simple car hire, long term, the transfer drive to the airport or courier routes. We provide booking of hotels and residential houses and start businesses.

9. května 26, Litvínov


In our internet shop, fans can buy the apartment, the bathroom, pipes, and industrial plants. We also offer a fireplace, axial, roof, floor and ceiling. Ventilation - aluminum tubes, adapters, connectors, switches, tapes and ventilation grilles.

Tržní 449, Litvínov

Stampo - cz, s.r.o.

Offer design and property services, construction work performed.

Záluží 1, Litvínov

Docela velké divadlo

Professional theater plays for children and adults.

Rooseveltova 279, Litvínov

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