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Moskevska 3336, Most, Louny, Teplice, Chomutov, celá ČR

Selský dvůr, s.r.o.

Operation of the restaurant with private and corporate celebrations.

Bílinská 16, Braňany

Taxi Litvínov

Vrchlického 358/62, Lom

Restaurace Staročeská Bašta

Operation of the restaurant. There is room for 25-35 people suitable for corporate meetings and social events.

Podkrušnohorská 1720, Litvínov

Petr Kaláb

Tržní 402, Litvínov


Operation of Railways and rail transport, cleaning road and rail tankers, rail tank rentals.

Růžodol 4, Litvínov

Hotel Loučky

We offer holiday accommodation. Hotel and Sport. The complex is situated in a quiet forested area in the suburbs of Litvinov and foot of the Ore Mountains. For convention events, seminars, business meetings, conferences and training, there is a lounge with modern technical equipment.

Máchova 1700, Litvínov

František Drozd, Restaurace

Operation of the restaurant.

Rašov ev.č. 213, Klíny

Hospůdka Na Konírně

Operation pubs offering beer on tap, spirits and soft drinks.

Klíny 19, Klíny

Grill House

Juicy offer specialties of American, Mexican and Czech cuisine as well as various types of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Tržní 500, Litvínov

Divadelní restaurace Benar

Offer hot meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Rooseveltova 279, Litvínov

Emílie Brabcová - restaurace Nudle

Offer cold meals, alcoholic and soft drinks. Operation of slot machines and billiards.

S. K. Neumanna 1579, Litvínov

Cukrárna Slunce

Coffee, cakes and confectionery.

Podkrušnohorská 1711, Litvínov

Bukový háj

Offer catering services.

Tyrše a Fügnera 51, Litvínov

Corona trading CZ, s.r.o.

Provision of tourism services.

Studentská 663, Litvínov

Café u Zvonku

Offer different types of coffees, hot and cold drinks.

K Loučkám 1582, Litvínov

Restaurace Anšajba

Offer hot and cold dishes. Possibility of short-term accommodation.

Podkrušnohorská 1583, Litvínov

Archa inter, v.o.s. - Penzion U kostela

Accommodation in hotel with a total capacity of 10 beds. There are 4 rooms with private facilities and a dining room with fully equipped kitchen.

Kostelní 35, Litvínov

Angel Win, s.r.o.

The company operates a restaurant and betting.

9. května 26, Litvínov

Real Litvínov, a.s.

We offer the cheap accommodation. The hostel is available 8 double and triple rooms. An integral part of a kitchen and bathroom, which is always common to one floor. Each room has Internet connection, TV and fridge.

Smetanova 520, Litvínov

Jaroslav Císařovský, ubytování

We offer accommodation in private apartment 1km from the center of Litvinov in the valley of the Ore Mountains. Provides year-round accommodation for possible recreation, business, tourism.

Sokolská 21, Litvínov

Cukrárna u Radnice

Offer confectionery products.

náměstí Míru 12, Litvínov

HAUS - Litvínov, s.r.o. - Hotel Koldům

Offer accommodation in rooms with private bathroom. Possibility of using a sauna, restaurant and parking.

Koldům 1581, Litvínov

Restaurace Hvězda

Range of hot and cold food, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Valdštejnská 2128, Litvínov

Jaroslav Křapka - Hostinec Střelnice

Offer accommodation in double rooms in a guesthouse with a restaurant.

Bečov 166, Bečov

Bahama, s.r.o.

Offer hot and cold meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Mostecká 115, Braňany

Selský dvůr, s.r.o.

The operation of the pension-style country estate.

Bílinská 16, Braňany

Mlékárenská pivnice

Offer draft beer and alcoholic beverages.

Braňany 200, Braňany

Lenka Freitas - Pension Sokol

Offer accommodation in our capacity to 28 beds. There are rooms with private facilities, restaurant, sauna, gym and parking.

Rudé armády 168, Brandov

Rychlé občerstvení

Offer fast food.

Dolní Jiřetín 330, Horní Jiřetín

Restaurace U Karbana

Operation of the restaurant.

nám. 1. máje 50/2, Horní Jiřetín

Restaurace Pošta

Offer draft beer and hot and cold Czech specialties.

Mostecká 34/76, Horní Jiřetín

DSL Team, spol. s r.o.

Provision of transport services and freight brokerage.

Na Písku 468/11, Horní Jiřetín

Hospoda U Johanů

Selection of international dishes, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Gen. Svobody 297/5, Horní Jiřetín

Restaurace U Stefanů

Offer hot meals and a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Horská 165/34, Horní Jiřetín

Pavlína Petříková Zákostelská

Manufacture and sale of confectionery products.

Nová výstavba 187, Obrnice

Ivan Hlinka, Autobusový dopravce

Passenger transport is fully air-conditioned minibus with a capacity of 16 + 1 persons.

K Loučkám 1685, Litvínov

Jan Matiko, ubytování

We offer accommodation in two apartments and one holiday apartment with a capacity of 12 persons and breakfast options.

náměstí Míru 343, Litvínov

Informační turistická služba

Providing information of tourist services. Supporting the development of tourism and sports activities in the region. Sale of maps.

Mostecká 22, Litvínov

Hospoda U Kominíka

We offer a restaurant with summer garden and home kitchens.

Český Jiřetín 1, Český Jiřetín


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